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A- Our products


1-Is is possible to decorate the front panel?

If you like, you can paint the SANIMATIC panel to match it to your bathroom. However, we do not recommend putting tiles on the immovable part because this could interfere with the movement of the adjustable part.

2-Does the SANIMATIC make noise?

No, the panel moves silently. You can adjust your toilet or washbasin without worrying.

3-What panel thicknesses and dimensions can I use on the sides for an appliqué installation?

You can use melamine panels or gypsum board, for example, or a tiled panel. Minimum width is 25 cm.

Sanimatic toilet

1-What type of toilet bowl can I install on my SANIMATIC toilet?

You can install any type of standard toilet bowl found on the market that has an interaxial distance measuring 180 mm or 230 mm.

2-Is it possible to add support bars to the SANIMATIC toilet?

The Sanimatic toilet has been designed to facilitate sitting down and adding support bars. With the optional attachment kit, you can attach PELLET retractable support bars (ref. 048 860) that will provide optimal comfort.

3-Is it possible to attach a roll of toilet paper to the support bars?

You can attach a PELLET toilet paper distributor (ref. 048820) that is compatible with the PELLET support bar we recommend.

4-Can I connect a macerator to the SANIMATIC toilet?

We are developing a kit that will enable you to connect SFA's SANIPACK to the SANIMATIC toilet. Availability: first half 2010.

Sanimatic washbasin

1-Can I attach any type of washbasin?

The panel holds all types of standard washbasins with an interaxial distance measuring: 200 mm or 280 mm. Maximum width is 70 cm.

2-When the washbasin is lowered, does it stop automatically?

The washbasin stops moving when you release the remote control button. Minimum height is 65 cm.

3-What kind of mirror can be attached to the panel?

You can glue on any type of mirror by following the installation instructions. See the question on mirror installation.

4-What is the blue button on the remote control used for?

This button has been deactivated on the Sanimatic washbasin. It is used only for the Sanimatic toilet to activate flushing from a distance.


1-What is this shower stall floor made from?

The TRAYMATIC is made in non-skid Biotec, which is a fine mix of ABS and PMMA.

2-Is there a non-skid treatment?

The shower stall floor is covered with Biotec, a material that won't hold water and thus prevents slipping.
There is no non-skid coating.

3-What colours does the TRAYMATIC come in?

The shower stall floor colour is similar to White RAL9016.

4-Why doesn't the TRAYMATIC shower stall floor require a major installation?

You can install the floor wherever you like without digging: the built-in pump ensures evacuation.

5-What is the TRAYMATIC pump used for?

The Traymatic pump connects the shower stall drain to the main existing evacuation system with 32 mm tubing. You can lift water up one floor or 20 m horizontally.

6-How far is the TRAYMATIC Outside pump from the shower stall floor?

So that shower water can be evacuated without creating a slope, the pump should be placed next to the shower stall floor. However, we have left a 25 mm opening between the floor and the pump to enable covering it (with a washbasin cabinet, for example).

7-Will the TRAYMATIC hold the weight of a wheelchair?

Yes, this shower stall floor is specially designed for the motor disabled and can hold the weight of a wheelchair.

8-When the pump is near the shower stall floor, is it completely safe?

Yes, we apply all safety standards that are meant for electrical devices in bathrooms. As is the case for balneotherapy, the pump is perfectly insulated against Class 1 electrical discharge. You must simply check to see that the installation conforms to the NF C1500 standard (two-phase + ground electrical connection further than 60 cm from the shower and the pump in a closed area). The pump is fully insulated to ensure worry-free showering.


1-Are the shower walls compatible with TRAYMATIC shower stall floors?

The SANIDOOR walls are compatible with all types of shower stall floors, in particular with TRAYMATIC floors, except for the 80 x 120 model.

2-Can I install these walls to create an Italian-style shower stall with the drain located on the same plane as the floor?

Yes, it is entirely possible to create this type of shower stall.

3-Is it possible to open both half-doors at the same time?

SANIDOORS are ergonomically designed and very easy to use. From inside the shower, the lower part can be closed using the lower handle, and the entire door can be closed using the upper handle. From outside the shower, the upper part can be opened by pulling on the upper handle, and the entire door can be opened by pulling on the lower handle.

AFISB label

1-What does the AFISB Good Living label guarantee?

The AFISB GOOD LIVING label certifies bathroom products for those with special requirements (the motor disabled, the elderly, children, etc.). These products conform to French and European standards and meet specific technical criteria (see www.salledepainspro). They are designed to provide greater comfort in addition to basic functionality. The AFISB GOOD LIVING label is awarded only to AFISB members.

2-What is the AFISB?

The AFISB (French Association of Bathroom Fittings Industries) brings together the vast majority of companies manufacturing bathroom equipment. It includes some forty generalist and specialist companies in the bathroom ceramics, bathtub and shower, faucet, cabinet, accessories and technical equipment sectors. The AFISB represents over sixty percent of the French bathroom market.
The AFISB's mission is to:

  • promote top-quality bathrooms by highlighting member company brands. These companies bring innovation, quality design and new technology while guaranteeing product safety and tracking, as well as environmental protection.
  • develop the market by encouraging customers to choose products that bring greater comfort.


B- Installation and upkeep


1-Does the SANIMATIC installation require a bearing wall?

No, the SANIMATIC is a universal frame. It can be attached to a concrete floor and a regular wall. If the floor is not in concrete, the wall must be a bearing wall.

2-How long does it take to install a SANIMATIC?

The SANIMATIC is easy to install. A person working alone can assemble it in two hours if water supply and evacuation have already been taken care of.

3-Is it possible to embed the SANIMATIC?

A SANIMATIC can be installed either as an appliqué or partly embedded (the anodised contour will stand out from the wall by approximately 5 cm).

4-What connections are needed?

You should plan for an electrical outlet, as well as for water supply and evacuation, like you need for all toilets and washbasins.

5-How is the Sanimatic toilet evacuation system connected?

The Sanimatic toilet is evacuated through a flexible tube with a 100 mm diameter, which is supplied with the device.

6-How can a mirror be attached to the SANIMATIC washbasin panel?

We suggest that before attaching the mirror, you attach a 15 mm-thick plywood panel measuring a maximum of 61 cm x 61 cm. Next, glue the mirror to the plywood. Whatever the size of your mirror, it should extend 2 cm beyond the plywood on all sides. For more information, consult the installation instructions.

7-Is it easy to access the SANIMATIC toilet water tank when you need to?

Yes, just remove the toilet bowl and the upper corner pieces and slide the panel upwards. You can then access the tank without dismounting the frame.


1-Can the TRAYMATIC be installed in place of a standard shower stall floor?

Certainly. It has been specially designed to avoid additional work in the case of a replacement when the rise becomes too high for users. You will need only a electrical outlet for pump operations.


1-What is the adjustment distance for installing the shower walls?

The adjustment distance for all Sanidoor walls is 2 cm: an 80 cm wall can be adjusted between 780 mm and 800 mm.

2-Are the shower walls protected against scale?

Yes, the walls are in CristalPlus® glass, a perfectly smooth safety glass that has undergone a chemical treatment. This means that the water leaves less dirt and scale behind as it slides over the glass.

C- Purchasing our products

1-Is the Sanilife range available in stores?

The Sanilife range is available from bathroom fittings dealers. See the ""Stores"" page to find the store nearest you.

2-Where can I find the price of Sanilife products?

SFA is a manufacturer and does not sell directly. We are therefore unable to communicate retail prices. Pay a visit to your nearest dealer, who will be able to give you information.

3-The warranty

Products from the Sanilife range have a complete two-year warranty (parts and factory labour) that is valid from the purchase date.

D- Tax credit

1-In which case do I have a right to a tax credit?

Tax credit for bathroom equipment needed by the motor disabled applies to both installation expenses and replacement of fittings. Credit can be given for the following items: washbasins or sinks with adjustable height, bathtubs with a door, bathtub lift devices, redirected traps, built-in shower stalls, shower floors and doors, wall seats for showers, toilet bowls and handrails, support bars.

2-How much is the tax credit?

Tax credit is for 25% of the amount spent for supplies and labour and is limited to €5,000 for an individual and €10,000 for a couple.

3-The tax credit applies to which Sanilife products?

The Sanimatic toilet, the Sanimatic washbasin and the Sanidoor shower walls are all eligible for a tax credit. Traymatic stall floors that project over 2 cm above the bathroom floor do not receive tax credit.

E- 5.5% VAT

1-When can I apply the 5.5% value-added tax?

The 5.5% VAT is applied to products and/or product installations that are designed to improve self-sufficiency in the context of accommodating the disabled.
The products concerned are the same as those indicated for the tax credit; i.e., the Sanimatic toilet and washbasin and the Sanidoor walls.