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With Sanilife you don't adapt to your bathroom, your bathroom adapts to you!

Because of longer lifespans and an increasing need for self-sufficiency for the motor disabled, providing easy accessibility to the toilet and bathroom for everyone has become a new challenge.

SFA, a leader in bathroom furnishings for fifty years, launches Sanilife, a range with contemporary style for toilets and bathrooms that are able to evolve and be used by everyone without major construction work.

Our added value: top-performance products that are easy to install and meet the layout requirements for both private individuals and public organisms.

Sanilife: a bathroom for everyone

Children: Make things easier for them with fittings that take into account their small size and adapt to their needs.
The elderly: Enhance their self-sufficiency by making the bathroom safer (shower stall is level with the bathroom floor, someone can assist them in taking a shower, they have support for sitting and standing).
The motor disabled: Facilitate their movements and provide fittings adapted to their disability without changing the bathrooms attractiveness.